Board of Trustees

Background for Board members


Jackie Hobson

Jackie is President of Ingol WI and a WI Adviser and she joined the Board of Trustees in 2014.  This is her second term of office, she was previously Federation Chairman from 2000-2004.


Vice Chairman

Vice Chairman

Heather Williams

Heather is a member of Norden WI.  She has trained to be an NFWI Cookery Judge and is a member of the NFWI Food and Gardens Committee.

Assistant Treasurer

Pam Coates - Croston WI

Pam joined the Board of Trustees in 2012.   She is liaison officer for Cookery & Craft Sub-committee and is our LFWI Science Representative.

Ruth Grimley - Rainhill WI

Ruth is a WI Adviser who joined the Board in 2015. She is Chairman of the Public Affairs
Sub-Committee and Deputy Chairman of Membership Support Sub-committee.

Judith Pugh - Edgworth WI

Judith joined the board in 2018.   She is a WI Adviser and Chairman of the Membership Support Sub-committee.  In addition, Judith is an Independent Financial Examiner (IFE).

Chris Stafford - Leyland WI

Chris joined the board in 2017 and is a member of Tours & Excursions Sub-committee. She is also a federation GDPR adviser.

Pam Wade - Claughton on Brock WI

Pam joined the board in 2016. She is a WI Adviser, an Independent Financial Examiner (IFE) and Joint Chairman of the Shows Sub-committee.

Lynda Williams - Withnell Fold WI

Lynda joined the Board in 2017. She is an Independent Financial Examiner (IFE) and is liaison officer for Public Affairs Sub-committee