Cookery & Craft
Encourages members to develop their skills in handicraft, produce, music, speech, drama, the written word and the visual arts.

Heather Williams (Joint Chairman) – Norden WI
Nicola Robertson(Joint Chairman) – Mawdesley WI 
Susan Horrocks - Brindle WI
Anne Ball – Tarleton WI
Melanie Blackwell - Woodplumption WI 
Pamela Davis - Buckshaw Village WI
Helen Lambert - Elswick & District WI
Debbie Northin - Accrington & District WI
Angela Murray - Viaduct Violets 
Pamela Simpson - Heath Charnock WI
Shirley Thornton - Lytham Green WI 
Liz Walker - Ainsdale WI
Pam Coates (Board Liaison Officer)

Culture & Arts
This committee is concerned with all aspects of music, speech, drama, the written word and the visual arts.

Mary Gibson (Chairman) - Appley Bridge WI
Pam Coates - Croston WI
Jill Woods - Crank WI
Barbara Barker - Viaduct Violets WI
Lynne Sumpter - Belmont WI
Cynthia Greenall - Crank WI

The Editorial sub-committee is responsible for the production, sale and distribution of the federation Newsletter Hotpot.

Netta Brodrick  (Editor) – Hoole WI
Fran Walker – Cockey Moor WI
Valerie Andrews – St Anne's on Sea WI
Julie Gudgeon - Lathom & Burscough WI 
Pamela Aspden - Croston WI
Patricia Forder - Hutton & Howick WI
Alison Peek - Stoneclough WI 
Liz Williams  - Ladybridge WI

Leisure Activities
Encourages members to participate in a variety of leisure activities and try new ones.

Rosemary Blanchfield  – Arkholme & District WI
Joan Randall – Crank WI
Kathy Gemmell – Freckleton WI
Kay Hopkinson – Grindleton WI
Jacqui Mallinson - Accrington WI
Christine Stafford (Board Liaison) - Leyland WI

Public Affairs
Encourages members to develop an interest in the work of local and national government in line with WI Objects.

Ruth Grimley (Chairman) - Rainhill WI
Dorothy Gunter – Shuttleworth in Ramsbottom
Linda Barnes - Moss Side Leyland WI
Ruth Gibbons - Caton WI
Liz Sperling - Pearls of Poulton WI
Deborah Reardon - Bickerstaffe WI 
Roxana Clark - Brindle WI 
Lynda Williams (Board Liaison) - Withnell Fold WI

This sub-committee organises and runs the annual two day County Show.

Pam Wade (Joint Chairman) – Claughton on Brock WI
Janet Wilkinson (Joint Chairman)  – Hoole WI
Helen Roberts –Whitechapel & Inglewhite WI
Davida Mackay – Cherestanc WI
Anne Linney – Great Eccleston WI
Dawn Threlfall –Withnell Fold WI
Pamela Davis – Buckshaw Village WI
Val Carroll - Caldervale WI
Jose Gouldson - Hambleton WI
Heather Jones - Stretford WI
Gaile Bowen - Withnell Fold WI 
Ann Phytian (Board Liaison) - Scarisbrick WI

Tours & Excursions
Organises day trips to places of interest and longer breaks when required.

Jenny Bennett (Chairman) – Warton WI
Christine Stafford - Leyland WI
Barbara Woods - Clayton le Woods WI
Anne Squire - Leyland WI
Jacqui Mallinson - Accrington & District WI
Judith Pugh (Board Liaison Officer) - Edgworth WI

Membership Support Sub-committee.
WI Advisers help, advise and support officers and members in the successful running of their WI.

Judith Pugh (Chairman) - Edgworth WI
Ruth Grimley (Deputy Chairman) - Rainhill WI
Jackie Hobson - Ingol WI
Rosemary Blanchfield - Arkholme & District WI
Pamela Wade - Claughton on Brock WI
Stephanie Whitfield - Elswick & District WI
Rhiannon Cannon - Rufford WI
Melody Smith - Failsworth & Beyond