About Crank WI

Welcome to Crank WI

Founded in 1922, we are a friendly and vibrant group of ladies,with a growing membership. Our monthly meetings always have interesting and inspirational speakers and demonstrators.

In addition we have a number of sub-groups which meet on a monthly basis:-

Hobby Group                 Come and learn new skills and crafts       

Walking Group               Both long and short walks, something to suit all.

Lunch Club                    At the Village Deli, enjoy lunch with friends.

Supper Club                  Very popular, meeting on a 3 monthly basis

As well as all the above, our branch organises trips to theatres, historic houses, gardens and museums, and usually a pre-Christmas shopping trip, for those "must have" presents.

So feel free to come alongwith a friend, or just on your own. You'll not be on your own for long, our ladies are the friends you have not met yet.

As you can see there is something for everyone, all are welcome.

We all look forward to seeing you.