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Our monthly meetings are varied and interesting, these include inviting speakers on a wide range of subjects, to beetle drives and quizzes. We also enjoy a cup of tea or coffee and delicious homemade cakes, for the princely sum of 50p. New members are always welcome, so come along to find out more.On most occasions we have a competition, which is often based on the theme for the evening, the proceeds from the which, are sent to The Association of Countrywomen of the World (ACWW).

November 15th - Book Binding Denise Nardone 

Have you ever bound a book? Do you keep a journal? Denise Nardone, our speaker this evening, does both. She uses a wide range of materials including book-paper, leather and fabrics for the bindings, as well as a range of papers and cards for the insides. Denise brought many of her own journals along, which are beautifully cut and decorated with illustrations alongside her writing. 

October 18th - AGM

The AGM began with secretary Joyce relating the highlights and successes of the past year, not least the Pudding Night where we raised £1000 for the Dementia Hub. Jane Mealor was voted in as the new President, taking over from Sandra who has been President for the last 5 years and Patsie Bagot becoming Vice President. The Committee stayed the same. After the business was over we all enjoyed a Jacob's Join.

September 20th - Damian Carr, Jeweller from Garstang

A very interesting and informative talk about gold in its various guises and the difference between 9 carat, 18 carat, 22 carat and 24 carat, which is pure gold. We were even allowed to pass a piece of 24 carat gold round. 

There were  slides showing diamonds in their raw state, the processes they go through to the finished product, as well as the different shapes that can be cut. We were in awe of the exquisite designs of some pieces including the selection of stunning jewellery that Damian had made.

Competition: Bejewelled

Winners: 1st Patsie Bagot,   2nd Sandra Hodgson

July 19th - Fiona Allan - Occupational Therapist

The life and times of an Occupational Therapist, turned out to be extremely interesting and entertaining. Fiona had us all in stitches with her witty outlook on life and  student blunders. On a more serious note, she informed us of various living aids to help people to look after themselves and how she worked around various obstacles to help people to get the most out of life.

Competition: A Poem

Winners: 1st Kath Bryne  2nd Iris Suthers

June 21st - Blood Bikes

Halton members thoroughly enjoyed the talk given by Bob Bryne, one of the Blood Bikers. He told us how the North West Blood Bikers began in 2012 with 4 volunteers and has now grown to 350 + riders and controllers. The number of lives they save is amazing, the number of trips they make is growing day by day and the amount of money they save the NHS is staggering. It is a charity and they raise money through doing talks, holding Fun Days, shaking collection boxes and much more.

The WI Bikers! 

Competition: Something Red

Winners:1st - Joyce Beasley  2nd Patsie Bagot

May 17th - Spring Garden

This evening we welcomed Andrew, a gardener, who demonstrated how to make hanging baskets, using a variety of types of containers. We learned about using sphagnum moss and compost, or in the case of the closed baskets just using compost, and that they can be filled with beautiful flowers, hanging tomatoes or even herbs.Some of us were lucky enough to have a go at making our own, whilst others were able to buy some to take home.

Whilst working on the baskets, Andrew gave us a resume of his working life, from starting with Lancaster City Council, then working in Wales and on the Wirrall, before returning to Lancaster.

Competition: Miniature Garden

Winners: 1st Kath Bryne 2nd Janet Theobald

April 19th - Mike Hipkins - Artist & Sculptor

Demonstrated the "Georgian" style of painting, as done by George Romney, a renowned artist from Kendal.

He told us how the portrait would be drawn onto a canvas, which was painted with a thin layer of oil paint  before being built up in stages. the artist would begin with dark colours and work lighter colours on top.

Competition: All My Own Work

Winners: 1st Kath Bryne  2nd Caroline Porter and Jeanne Salisbury

March 15th - (Open Evening) Mr Steele - From a Tiny Acorn

Once again, Mr Steele gave a wonderful slide show. The title From a Tiny Acorn was extremely apt, as the show was all about the National Trust. The content was varied, ranging from Historic buildings such as Speke Hall, Little Moreton Hall and Quarry Bank, along coastal paths to Red Squirrels in Formby. Not forgetting famous people such as William Morris First Viscount Nuffield the motor engineer, Sir Isaac Newton and Thomas Bewick, English engraver and natural history author.

Competition: Trees

Winners: 1st - Joyce Beasley 2nd - Kath Bryne.

Well done to our winners and all ladies who entered the competition.

February 15th - Members' Night

We, at Halton, had set a challenge to provide Morecambe Bay Hospital Trust with 70 twiddle muffs and sensory blankets in recognition of our 70th birthday, last December. Dianne Smith ( in the red checked shirt) the Dementia Matron for the Trust joined us and was speechless at the array of muffs and blankets that greeted her. There were 86 in total, all labelled with "Made with Love, Halton WI". The printed labels were very kindly donated by Pat Stockdale, one of our senior ladies who is no longer able to knit. There were so many they wouldn't fit into 1 photo. The muffs and blankets, in vibrant colours and all very individual, were lovingly crafted by our ladies. Dianne told us a little more about their use and where they would be gifted. Firstly Theatres, then into recovery as they help the dementia patients after an operation. They will be going to the Acute Medical Unit, Acute Surgical Unit, and the Frailty Unit. Another  wonderful use for the muffs is covering intravenous infusions and cannulas (the needle in their arm) so that the patient will be calmed by it and they can play with the muff, enabling the cannulas and drips to be left safely in place.  Two of our members are now are part of the Dementia Hub team at Lancaster where their role is " Fairy Cake Godmothers". They bake each month for the visitors to the hub, because as we all know, as WI ladies, there is nothing like a bit of cake to help the day along.

Well done to everyone who took on the challenge.

Competition: handmade Valentine's card: 

Winners: 1st Kath Byrne, 2nd Joyce Beasley.

A magnificent number of entries. Well done.

January 18th - Cooking with Roddy

Halton WI had a mouthwatering start to the New Year when Roddy, with his glamorous assistant Andrea, used leftover items from his fridge to create 2 delicious pies (1 vegetarian) with, melt in your mouth, home-made pastry. He then used more leftover items, including wine, (if you can have leftover wine) to create a 'paella style' dish which was also delicious. 

Competition: Unusual Utensil

Winners: 1st - Kath Byrne, 2nd - Jeanne Salisbury.

Well done to all.

September 20th - Carrs' Jewellers

Competition: Bejewelled


October 18th - AGM

Competition: Halloween


November 15th Denise Nardone - Bookbinding

Competition: Your Favourite Book


December 20th - 71st Birthday Party


For the full list of speakers, look at the Halton WI Programme

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Our monthly meetings are varied and interesting, these include inviting speakers on a wide range of subjects, to beetle drives and quizzes. We also enjoy a cup of tea or coffee and delicious homemade cakes, for the princely sum of 50p. New members are always welcome, so come along to find out more.On most occasions we have a competition, which is often based on the theme for the evening, the proceeds from the which, are sent to The Association of Countrywomen of the World (ACWW).

January 20th - Cooking with Roddy

Many thanks to Roddy who cooked up a fabulous smoked haddock curry with lots of taste and fewer calories. He also gave us hints, tips and several tasty recipes.

Competition: Fabulous to eat

Well done to all who entered. We look forward to even more entries next month.

Winners: 1st Linda L, 2nd Kath B.

February 17th - Fish and Chip Supper

This month we are having a Fish and Chip supper, provided by our local Black's Fish and Chip Shop. 

Competition: All at Sea

Well done to all who entered. Winners: 1st Linda L, 2nd Janet T

We had a lovely evening, enjoying fish goujons, chips and mushy peas before taking part in a "Fishy' Quiz.


March 16th - Wandering in Wales with Mr. Steele

This is an Open Evening, so anyone can pop along.

We all enjoyed a wonderful evening wandering around Wales with Mr Steele. We visited the Pembroke coast, St David's, Brecon Beacons, Powys Castle and many more interesting places. We saw Iron Age houses, The Rhonda Valley, underground caves and a self service cafe. An amazing adventure which may well have stirred the wanderlust in some of us.

Competition: Must be Welsh


Well done everyone, we had an excellent number of entries this week and look forward to even more next month.

Winners: 1st Linda L, 2nd Iris S

April 20th - Mick Swindells - Search Dogs

We all enjoyed a very interesting talk by Mick about the different types of search dogs and the work they do, from searching for dead bodies to finding stolen metals and jewellery. Who would have thought that dogs could detect bodies in water, but Mick showed a video which proved just how intelligent they are. He then gave a demonstration, with his dog Jaz and wonderful assistant Linda (his wife) on how the new substance for marking metal, can be sniffed out, thereby returning stolen machinery, copper and jewellery to its rightful owner. He has worked all over the world, even searching for the remains of Michael Alexandrovich Romanov.

Competition: A Lost World

Well done to the entrants and please let us have your suggestions for the competition titles for next year. 

Winners: 1st Iris S, 2nd Kath B

May 18th - The Lady Cobbler

A very entertaining and interesting evening was enjoyed by all. Trish told us how she started out by helping her dad in his cobbler's shop, but wasn't allowed to mend shoes because she was a girl! However, she didn't let that worry her and worked very long hours learning how to do shoe repairs. She is now the proud owner of The Lady Cobbler Shop on Regent Rd., Morecambe. So, if you need any repairs, favourite shoes converting to dance shoes, high heels made lower or any other problem, pop along. She also sells shoe dye so you can match your handbags and shoes for a very reasonable price.

Competition: May Memories

Winners: 1st Iris S, 2nd Jeanne S Well done to all entrants

June 15th - Steve Pendrill - Press Photographer

Competition: A Stunning Photo

Winners: 1st - Janet Theobald, 2nd - Debbie Baxter. Well done all, keep the entries coming in.

Steve Pendrill gave a very interesting talk on his life as a photographer, from his first "dark room' which looked like a prison cell up to the present date when technology had improved somewhat.

The two Assistants Steve

July 20th - The Registrar - Juliann

Competition: Tying the Knot or Hatched & Matched

Don't they look lovely?


Winners: 1st Caroline Porter, 2nd Linda Lambson. Well done all, keep the entries coming in.

A very informative meeting was enjoyed by all. At the end of the talk, Juliann performed a 'Wedding' ceremony with Jean Adams taking the part of the bride, Pat McCardle the groom and President Sandra Hodgson, the bride's mother. A truly hilarious event. Photos pending.

September 21st - June Sharples - How Many Ways to Tie a Scarf? 

Competition: Outrageous Headwear

Congratulations to: 1st place - Janet T and 2nd place - Linda L

A very fascinating and informative evening was spent learning how to tie a scarf to enhance our outfits. Several sizes and shapes of scarves were used to create a range of styles, including  a hat and a blouse. I wonder how many ways we can remember? A special thank you to Andrea for being the modeI.

October 19th - AGM 

Competition: Halloween

Very disappointing not to have any entries.

November 16th - Beading with Jennie 

Competition: Unusual Neckwear

Congratulations to: 1st place - Caroline P and 2nd place - Joyce B

December 21st - Birthday Party

This year, we will be celebrating our 70th Birthday Party.


Our monthly meetings are varied and interesting, these include inviting speakers on a wide range of subjects, to beetle drives and quizzes. We also enjoy a cup of tea or coffee and delicious homemade cakes, for the princely sum of 50p. New members are always welcome, so come along to find out more.

On most occasions we have a competition, which is often based on the theme for the evening, the proceeds from the which, are sent to The Association of Countrywomen of the World (ACWW). We recently sent a cheque for £85. 

March 18th.

This is an open meeting where guests are invited. We welcome Mr. Steele, who will present a slide show about the Lake District entitled "`Things That Shouldn't have Happened'

A lovely evening which was thoroughly enjoyed by our members and guests. We were enthralled by the stunning photographs and humour of Mr. Steele. Very thought provoking, what if those things had not happened in the Lake District? However, time moves on and the population increases so we need places to live and food to eat. 


The Competition is: Countryside. 

The winner this month was Jeanne Salisbury, with 2nd place going to Wendy Graham. Well done to both.

April 15th

This month, we welcome Pauline Churchill, on Trams in Lancaster. 


The Competition is: Transport

May 20th

This month, we welcome Kristina Smith, who will speak about Legal matters.


The Competition is: An unusual holiday souvenir.

June 17th

This month, we welcome Sarah Latham, who will speak about Senior Moments. (Oh dear, I've had a few).

The Competition is: Quotation/Saying. 


That's if we can remember any!

July 15th

This month, the Halton WI Ladies bring their crafts along to demonstrate their skills. We have a very talented bunch.


The Competition is: An unusual Craft. 

This could be very interesting.


We have a break from our usual meeting in August, to enjoy a day out somewhere. Watch this space for further details.

September 16th

Comedy month this month, when we  welcome Dennis Moore, a comedian.


Competition is: It Makes You Smile. 

Gosh, too much choice.

October 21st

This is our Annual General Meeting  


The Competition is: Halloween

Oooooh, Scary!

November 18th

This month we hold a social evening called "Getting to Know You" 


The Competition is: Friends

December 16th



We will have Out of the Blue, playing beautiful background music while everyone enjoys a chat and fabulous food, prepared by the Committee members.