Our Programme


6th January   Film Night   
3rd February   Past, Present and Future.
Designing WI Memories
  Sally-Anne Middleton
2nd March   Defibrillator and CPR Training   Mountain Rescue
6th April   Understanding the EU   Michael Hindley
4th May   Tax, Care and Toy Boys   Michael Southwarth
1st June   Medicinal herbs and their many uses   The Herby Gathers
6th July   Explore Whitehough Education Centre   Tony Flanagan
3rd  August   Guide Dogs for the Blind   David Fishwick and Belle
7th September   Battles with Microbes   Dr Ruth White
5th October   Annual Meeting   Contributions from members
2nd November   Artisan Cheeses   Andy Swincoe from the Courtyard Dairy
7th December   Christmas Party