2019 Programme


Date            Topic                              Speaker

Jan 10th        
'Senior Moments'                                    Pauline Deubelbeis, Sue Grubba
Competition  Senior Saying/Motto

Feb 14th          
Monet's Garden                                         Brian Healey
Competition    A flavour of France

Mar 14th        
Travels with my Guitar                              Neil Smith
Competition  Essential travel item

April 11th      
From Toy Town to Buckingham Palace  John Stirling
Competition   Royal souvenir

May 9th        
Resolutions Night  - Pudding Club
Members' Night and Jacob's Join Supper
Competition  Decorated wooden spoon

June 14th
Liverpool Cow Keepers                             David Joy
A family history
Competition A milk jug

July 13th
Holidays for the visually impaired             Dan Raymond
Competition    Novelty sunglasses

Aug 8th
Curiosity Corner                                         Fiona Smithson
Competition   a curious item

Sept 12th
Behind the Wall                                          Angela Preedy
Working in a high security prison
Competition    A lock and key

Oct 10th
Home and Away with Spellbound films      Mr& Mrs Sharp
Competition    Humorous postcard

Nov 14th
Annual Meeting  and Jacob's Join Supper
Election of Committee, President, Financial and Annual Reports
Competition      Matchbox containing a most unusual item

Dec 12th
Christmas Party Night
No Competition